Interaction Design
Date 20 May 2016

Latest Work!

I have not updated my portfolio in quite a while, so in the interim, as I work to properly showcase my work, I am including samples here of work done from 2013-2016.

I’d love to talk to you about any of these!

Resume and Sketchbook Samples

Mia Lin’s Resume 2016

Samples from Mia’s Sketchbook (not nearly half of them, though…)

High-fidelity Interactive Axure Prototypes

Variable Data (User-Input Data) Interface Concept Usability Testing

This prototype shows a rapid iterative high-fidelity prototype of v-data interface changes I conceived of to improve usability as a +1 for the 2014 product page redesign project.

Current v-data on is text-field entry only. For example, for monogramming, the shopper must type “A” for red, 2 for cursive, etc., and none of the imagery is clickable, which has become a common pattern. (see sample of custom blinds V-data input form).

These text-input methods create a potentially confusing experience and unnecessary friction when a series of smart and interactive selectors would help immensely, especially when the variable data wasn’t something as complex as a name but instead was a preexisting set of variables like “inside” or “outside”.


Sephora PDP/Checkout Usability Testing

Project was to test incorporation of Sephora product features into’s current interface (up to 250 swatches, ingredients at SKU level, etc. to ensure minimal changes to the product page were acceptable for the user and enabled them to purchase Sephora products on  |  password: $ephora

Quick-View Modal

In early 2014 JCP considered implementing a quick-view modal with the same information as exists on the product page. A prototype was built, but the project never got off the ground.  |  password: Kwik

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