Music is a huge part of my life, and when I saw these headphones (caveat: not yet delivered) I was instantly reminded of drouds from Ringworld, but hopefully are a little less addictive. I love the concept of technology enhancing lives, not just adding one more dataset to obsess over and track. A simple device that could take the edge off for anxiety-ridden, stressed, or chemically-sensitive people could be the first step towards several different palliative technologies.

Applied appropriately, this could be extended into veterinary care, elder care, or other situations in which the patient potentially isn’t able to communicate their stressors but is obviously stressed to ease their pain or anxiety. There’s so much potential here, especially because it’s non-invasive, requires no implants, and has 0 side effects.

NERVANA delivers proprietary electrical signals through the skin to stimulate the Vagus nerve and synchronizes with music to provide a positively altered state of mind. NERVANA is engineered to give users a feel and experience of music never previously provided.

“NERVANA was created with the idea of modulating Vagus nerve stimulation to the beat of music,” said Dr. Richard G. Cartledge, co-founder and co-creator of NERVANA. “NERVANA will release us from the conventional listening experience and lead us to explore an entirely new music frontier.”

Unique to any other product on the market, NERVANA lets you physically feel the music. NERVANA stimulates nerves to magnify the pleasurable qualities of music. This new way to listen to your favorite song/playlist evokes sensations that stimulate your body to produce dopamine, the feel good chemical. Users simply plug in a music source, put in the NERVANA ear buds, and feel the gentle electrical signal dance to their favorite tunes. The settings can be easily customized with simple buttons and a sensitivity dial.


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