This is fascinating to me, and accurate, considering that there’s very few questions on the test, insightful. I love figuring out what I can offer to my team, and to working to my strengths. Take the test at Discover Your WorkType™  Also, astronaut pic!!!!

Your Primary WorkType:

As someone with an Explorer WorkType, you are the creative spark and wellspring of ideas when things are just getting started. You see patterns and connections others don’t see. Your ability to keep an eagle’s eye perspective allows you to see new solutions to difficult problems. As a result, you are comfortable pushing into uncharted territory. Your vivid imagination and communication skills create a compelling vision that others naturally rally around.

You are the go-to person for coming up with new ideas and offering fresh perspectives.

Your Secondary Worktype:

As someone with a Planner WorkType, you like to create the processes that establish and streamline what needs to get done. You can connect all the dots, rearrange them if needed and explain to people where they fit in. You have the uncanny ability to see how a change in one area cascades into other parts of the system. You always think several steps ahead. You probably don’t operate the systems you design. Rather, you prefer to move on, solving the constraints and achieving the objectives of the next challenge.

You are the go-to person for bringing order to chaos.

Found on: Being A Thought Partner


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